Individual behavior
  • TE Data has launched the “Egyptians against Violence” initiative in cooperation with the Wa’i Association to raise public awareness about the dangers of violence in society. TE Data had launched awareness campaigns to its employees and to the public to combat the phenomenon of violence and also adopted an initiative to combat violence against women in cooperation with Wa’i and UNICEF.
  • TE Data promotes the safe, responsible and positive use of digital technology for its employees as well as all Egyptian children and youth, the company sponsors “Internet Safe Day celebration” with the main aim to help promote the safe, responsible and positive use of digital technology. The annual celebration is held during the month of February where the company helps in raising awareness of the responsible use of internet, especially by children and youth.
  • TE Data was the main sponsor for “ Masr Dot bokra “ film festival , This festival is a celebration of young professional and non-professional Egyptian filmmakers and film enthusiasts giving them the opportunity to showcase their talents on a wider platform in a modern and special setting
  • Under the slogan of “Men Kheir Masr Hnabny Masr,” TE Data has developed nine (9) of Egypt’s poorest villages.TE Data started the development of villages across Egyptian governorates with one of the poorest villages in Fayoum governorate, "Zaki" in year 2011.The project aims to ultimately create a model for how to improve living standards for villagers across Egypt and fulfill their basic needs. TE Data has provided the villagers with proper housing, roofing, water and electricity in addition to health and educational services. The company employees periodically visited the villages accompanied by medical convoys to provide them with health check-ups and treatment. Moreover, the employees also completed a comprehensive survey to officially provide un-registered citizens with National ID cards and birth certificates.
  • TE Data has launched the first national project for illiteracy education in Upper Egypt in cooperation with the “Social and Cultural Development Association” in Qena and Sohag. Through this initiative, TE Data has allocated 25 classrooms to literacy and adult education in Sohag and Qena, the initiative primarily targets women’s illiteracy education in the poor areas in Upper Egypt. TE Data employees volunteered as part of this initiative by providing educational curriculum accredited by the General Authority for Literacy and Adult Education.