Integrating Individuals with Special Needs

According to the National Council for Disability Affairs, nearly 17 million people in Egypt have special needs.

TE Data provides the disabled with educational and job opportunities in addition to facilitating their lives through technological solutions

  • In collaboration with DAESN Association Group, TE/TE Data has a long history in supporting people with a variety of disabilities, the company employs a large number of young visually-impaired people in its customer service departments. TE/TE Data provides these individuals with the training required to respond to all customer inquiries and assist them in finding the right solution.
  • TE Data has launched several projects to integrate people with special needs into the community through: - Providing vocational training for Special Olympics players - Organizing regular meetings in schools to fulfill the goals of the Special Olympics - Integrating the intellectually disabled with company's employees by organizing sports competitions - Preparing players to be leaders by providing them with training courses - Sponsoring SOE team participating in SO LA world games,2015 - Providing technical training TOT training , and medical checkups for the PWD
  • TE Data has launched M3ak initiative with the main goal of rehabilitating and employing individuals with hearing and speech disabilities to offer customer services and respond in sign language to the queries of customers with same disabilities. M3ak service is based on communication through video calls where customers conduct video calls and use sign language to inquire about the company’s latest offers and services. After the success of M3ak initiative, TE Data will extend this service to be include smartphone and tablet Segment in order to facilitate the same service for all technology users.