Internet Router

Telecom Egypt is providing its customers with high-quality routers with different features as follows:

4 Ports Wireless Router:

  • Good Wireless coverage.
  • 4 Fast Ethernet LAN ports.
  • Purchase price: 250 L.E
  • Rental Price: 15 L.E

1 Port router:

  • 1 Fast Ethernet LAN port.
  • Purchase price: 150 L.E
  • Rental price: 10 L.E


  • A small device installed between the router and the landline with activated ADSL service in order to prevent the line noise and ensure high-quality service.
  • Purchase Price: 15 L.E
Option Pack

TE Option Pack service is providing Static-Fixed-IP (Internet Protocol) address in order to use it every time when customer is connecting to the internet plus providing Email and Domain services.

With a static IP address Customers access their PC no matter where they are in the world or use their computers as a server. Using it in security system if customers are interested in Security Cameras or any device needs fixed IP (for ex: finger print, printers, Xbox, PlayStation,….etc.).

Customer would have an E-mail box size 50Mb.

All TE customers (Home landline/Business/Government) are eligible to subscribe on Option Pack service.

Customer can subscribe on Option Pack service via TE stores, 111 or