140 Guide

With 140 directory service from WE, you can know about everything, anywhere at any time.

You can follow all the current events that happens in Egypt. You can know: 

  • All COVID-19 updates; the hospital addresses and numbers, inquiries about it, PCR labs and quarantine hospitals.
  • The addresses of corporations, whether governmental or private; and their numbers, office hours, and their latest updates.
  • All the updates and details about banks, doctors, pharmacies, x-ray centers, schools, universities, hotels, tourism agencies and other commercial activities in Egypt
  • Any landline numbers all over Egypt.
  • The currencies, gold and silver prices, temperatures and prayers time.
  • The codes of different countries around the world, their time differences and official currencies.
  • The hotlines and emergency numbers for all services,
  • All the addresses of headquarters and electoral committees.