You can receive an incoming call while you are engaged in another call. ‘Know More’.
Conference Call
You can have multiple callers participating in the same telephone call. ‘Know More’
Follow Me
Now, you can be reached at numerous devices, such as mobile and home landline. ‘Know More’
Hotline feature allows you to define a landline number to call in case of an emergency. “Know More’
Don't Disturb
Now, you can disable landline incoming ringing calls. ‘Know More’
Abbreviated Numbers
Abbreviated numbers allow you to reach public services more quickly. ‘Know More’
Caller ID
Caller ID allows you to see any incoming caller's number. ‘Know More’
Call Barring
You can restrict certain types of outgoing calls. ‘Know More’
Receiving Only calls
This add-on allows you to transfer your landline to receiving calls only. ‘Know More’
Salefny Service
Now you can borrow units with the lowest service fee. ‘Know More’
Silver bundle
Now you can enjoy a discount on outgoing mobile calls. ‘Know More’
Now you can subscribe in two specific landline services with the lowest service fee. ‘Know More’
International add - on
Now you can subscribe in international add-on & make your international calls with a special price / minute. ‘Know More’
Landline Suspension
This add-on avails you to suspend your landline. ‘Know More’
Balance Transfer
Now you can transfer your balance to one of your landline numbers or to another landline. ‘Know More’
Favorite Number
Now you can enjoy units with the lowest service fee. ‘Know more’
Landline ownership transfer
Landline ownership can now be transferred to another person through WE stores. “Know More”
Changing landline number
Changing landline number is available through WE stores “Know More”
Landline transfer
Landline can be transferred within the same / another building “Know More.”