Terms and Conditions:

Customers will enjoy part of the bundle resources to be used as calls to other operators with 1 Minute = 1 minute as following:

Control Tazbeet Tariff Control Tazbeet 30 Control Tazbeet 40 Control Tazbeet 70 Control Tazbeet 110
Minutes 300 400 500 600
Minutes used to other operators (1 minute = 1 minute) 45 60 75 90

- Bundle Details:

  • Minutes to any WE number or landline = 1 minute from bundle.
  • Minute to other networks = 1 minute from bundle as per above schedule, then minute to other networks after consuming capped off-net minutes = 5 minutes from bundle.
  • SMS to all networks = 5 SMS from bundle.
  • Unused minutes and megabytes from the main bundle will be carried over for the following month in case of on time renewal.
  • Renewal will be done automatically if there is enough balance.
  • In case of non-renewal, all unused minutes and megabytes will not be valid.
  • All current customers can transfer to any of Control Tazbeet bundles at any time.

- Prices outside bundle:

  • You will be charged for 19 PT per minute and SMS for all networks and landline or MBs.
  • Bundle validity: 28 days

- Additional Bundles

Minutes 500 minutes for WE network
Validity 28 Days
Bundle Price 5 EGP
Renewal 1 time purchase
Subscription Code *660*05#

Terms and Conditions Apply