WE flight service

Stay connected on-board with WE Flight service. You can make/ receive calls, send/ receive SMS and use mobile data during your flight

Service type

Price EGP

Calls to Egypt/Min


All other destination/Min


Receiving call/Min







50 EGP

How to use WE Flight:

  1. Switch your phone on, make sure airplane mode is off.
  2. Your phone will automatically connect to the AeroMobile network. The network name may be different according to the mobile.
    If your phone does not connect to the AeroMobile network automatically, you will need to go to ‘Carrier’ in your phone settings and manually select AeroMobile
  3. To use data services, you will need to ensure data roaming is on.
  4. Once connected, you’ll receive a welcome text from AeroMobile. You’ll likely receive a text message from your mobile network operator with pricing information. International roaming rates apply.
  5. You can now use your mobile phone to call, text, email and surf the internet*. You will need to disable Wi-Fi connectivity to use mobile data.

*Please note that some applications can download data even when you are not actively using them, and you may be charged as a result. Manage your application settings to help avoid these costs. International roaming rates apply.

Terms & conditions:

  • This service is available to all prepaid and postpaid customers
  • Prepaid customers must have enough balance to use the service
  • All prices are not including VAT
  • This service is only available on the below- contracted Air flights
Biman Bangladesh Airlines
Cathay Pacific
Emirates Airlines
Etihad Airways
Kuwait Airways
Malaysia Airlines
SAS Scandinavian Airlines
Singapore Airlines
SWISS International Air Lines
TAP Air Portugal
Turkish Airlines
Uzbekistan Airways
ITA Airways
Aer Lingus
Air Belgium
Asiana Airlines