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For the first time in Egypt enjoy FAST, RELIABLE & ULTIMATE internet experience if you subscribe in one of MEGA PLUS bundle packages offered by TE 


1- Why should I subscribe in “MEGA PLUS” bundle? What’s good about “MEGA PLUS” bundle?

MEGA PLUS will let you enjoy with Up to 16M internet speed without thinking about going over your usage limit again.

The bundle will include:

  1. ADSL internet service Up to 16 Mbps.
  2. Huge quotas up to 500GB
  3. High throttling speeds starting from 1M to 4M.
  4. Free WIFI Router *Limited period of time


2- What are the offered MEGA PLUS bundles?




Throttling Speed


Up to 16 Mbps

100 GB

1 M

160 LE

200 GB

2 M

260 LE

300 GB

4 M

360 LE

500 GB

4 M

500 LE

* The above packages are permanent.

* Please refer to our online usage estimator to assist you in finding the best package for your usage.

*prices are subjected to 14% value added taxes



3- What will happen after consuming my basic quota?


Simply each bundle offers high speed with quotas starting from 100GB to 500GB. These quotas will enable you to enjoy as much surfing, streaming, and downloading as you want. 

These quotas are rarely consumed and even if it’s consumed, you will be throttled to reasonable speeds (1M to 4M) where you still can browse internet and watch videos,

To boost your speed to its original high speed within the month, you can recharge any of the following packages from any of our CSOs, Fawry or




1 GB

10 LE

5 GB

25 LE

15 GB

60 LE

25 GB

75 LE

*prices are subjected to 14% value added taxes

All recharged quotas can be transferred to next month up to a year if you didn’t consume it.


5- What will be my quota limit after speed throttling?

Your quota will be reasonably high; however, TE systems will keep a close eye on customers with unusual/high usage patterns especially after speed throttling and it might take TE some actions to avoid any abuse to the service network and to ensure that the internet service network is fairly utilized.


6- Is “MEGA PLUS” bundle for new and existing customers?

All new and existing residential customers can subscribe on MEGA PLUS bundles. Existing customers will have the freedom to choose whether to migrate to MEGA PLUS or to stay on their existing packages.



7- How can I monitor my usage?

You have 2 different ways to monitor your usage:

  1. TE Self Service Portal where you can view your monthly usage through  .
  2. Redirection page – when you consume 80% or 90% of your monthly basic quota usage, a redirection page will pop up showing your remaining GB balance and lists all the recharging channels.


8- Have you stopped selling Tal2a and the new prices plans?

No, we didn’t, MEGA PLUS is just a new product added to TE internet portfolio.


9- I am an existing customer on an old promotion; can I migrate to one of MEGA PLUS bundles before I finish my promotion period?

Yes, you can, however you should choose between continuing the offer or joining the MEGA PLUS bundle. 


10- How would I know which speed my line can bear?

TE systems should monitor line quality for new customers during the first three days to determine the initial appropriate speed then the speed should rise up gradually to reach the speed that your line can bear without affecting the quality of service during six days after determining the line’s quality and the router must be turned on during the monitoring phase.


11- What’s the difference between Tal2a, Old price plan and MEGA PLUS?

“Tal2a” gives you speed up to 8M and throttling speed 128Kbps.

“Old price plan” gives you fixed speed with fixed packages to 8M with maximum throttling speed 512Kps

“MEGA PLUS” came to solve all quota and speed issues, where customers will receive up to 16 Mbps with high basic quota and high throttling speed and throttling quota.  


12- Does TE apply FUP?

The system gives an alert when customers reach higher than usual usage or abnormal patterns because this impacts the other users, a process is followed whereby the customer is checked if it was individual or not and procedures taken accordingly. This is to ensure the best service guaranteed to all our respected customers.


13- Is there a certain usage limit? 

The usage limit of abnormal behavior is managed and determined by the system based on ongoing usage analysis of the entire base


*Terms and Conditions apply.


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