Net Saver

TE NET Saver, is a small UPS device that you can plug to your router to allow you to stay connected during power cuts.


The device detects the loss of main power while providing seamless battery backup power for up to 3 hours.

Product specifications:

  • Input: AC 100~240 Volt / 0.6A.
  • Output sources: DC 13.8 V / 0.7A.
  • Average discharge time: 135 min (according to the usage).
  • Warranty Period: 1 year.
  • Compatible routers: Huawei HG520b, HG530, HG532n, MT880a and ZTE W300


The warranty is voided if the device is used with any other model other than those mentioned above.

TE is not responsible for any misuse or exposing the device to humidity or bad storage/usage conditions.

How to use:

  • Net Saver is a plug and play device; you just plug the device between the ADSL modem and the power adapter. Once the power source is cut off, the unit will seamlessly keep the router up and running without disconnecting your internet connection.
  • After charged, install Net Saver between an AC power source and your router. The green LED indicates the Mini UPS is on standby mode.

Tips for maintaining device lifetime:

  • The unit must be fully charged at least 2 hours before the first use.

Storage conditions and life time:

  • The device must be stored and used in a dry and a well-ventilated place in a temperature range below 35oC.
  • While in use, don’t put the device in any enclosure and don’t wrap it with any material.
  • The charging efficiency of the battery is naturally reduced by time and usage.

NET Saver is available for TE new and existing customers.

*prices are subjected to 14% value added taxes