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WE Ardy Bundles


Enjoy unlimited landline & mobile WE network With WE Ardy bundles:

WE Ardy Bundles WE Ardy 35 WE Ardy 65
Landline & Mobile WE Network Unlimited minutes
Other operators mobile minutes - 250 minutes
Price 35 L.E per month 65 L.E per month
Caller ID Caller ID – Follow me ( Call Forward )
Landline subscription Subscription fee includes landline subscription

Terms & Conditions:

  • WE Ardy 20 bundle (120 WE landline minutes + caller ID) for EGP 20 / month.
  • Bundles subscription fees are not including taxes 
  • Follow me service that allows you to transfer your landline calls to another landline or WE Mobile. 
  • Caller ID service which enables you to know the calling number.
  • Unused minutes are not carried forward to the next month.
  • Fair usage policy applies monthly for WE Ardy 35 & 65 bundles (2,500 local or WE Mobile + 1,000 National Minutes).
  • Any extra minutes over the bundles will be charged with  normal tariff
  • Any new subscriber in (WE Ardy 35) bundle will have fixed to WE mobile service according to technical feasibility and for WE mobile customers who have  mobile number portability with the same number from other mobile operators , customer can benefit from  WE Ardy bundle privileges by availing  full fixed to all mobile network ( upon customer's request )   
  • Any new subscribers in (WE Ardy 65) bundle will have full fixed to mobile service (WE & Other operators)
  • You can subscribe to International service upon your request 

Subscription to WE Ardy bundles is available through:

  • WE stores
  • Call 111 
  • IVR on 111
  • Website www.te.eg
Steps to subscribe in WE Ardy bundles & VAS through WE website:
  • Customer should create an account on WE website 
  • You should pay your due bill before making a request for any service or change your WE Ardy bundle & the service subscription fee will be added on the nearest due bill. 
  • In case of your data is right (mobile number - ID number) , services & bundles will be added automatically 
  • In case of your data is wrong (mobile number - ID number) , a page will be provided to update your data  & upload a copy of the required documents as follows: 
    • Valid Identification document (national ID card front & back side) 
  • Your data will be validated and accordingly you will receive SMS on your mobile by confirmation that your data is updated and then you can visit our website  again to re-request the bundles subscription