Mobile Data Offer

Enjoy the fastest Internet in Egypt with the highest value for money only with Telecom Egypt


Limited time Offer


*999*10# 1 GB 500 MB 500 MB * 10 EGP
*999*20# 2.5 GB 1.25 GB 1.25 GB 20 EGP
*999*40# 6 GB 3 GB 3 GB 40 EGP
*999*100# 18 GB 9 GB 9 GB 100 EGP
*999*200# 40 GB 20 GB 20 GB 200 EGP

*50% of the 10 EGP bundle to be used on social media.


  • If there is enough credit, the package will be renewed automatically every 30 days
  • Unused Megabytes are automatically transferred to the following month in case of on-time renewal
  • After consuming 100% of the bundle, you can choose one of the following options;
    1. Buy an additional 1 GB
    2. Renew the bundle again by calling *999*6#
    3. Paying at a flat rate based on usage

Control Offer

Use your bundle units freely to do calls to all operators, mobile internet & other services without any hidden costs.


Limited-time Offer; Double your quota for 6 months. 


40 EGP 20 EGP Monthly Fees (including Taxes)
4,000 Units 1,600 Units Bundle Units (limited time offer for 6 months)
1 Unit 1 Unit Minutes To Telecom Egypt Numbers / SMSs / MBs
5 Units 5 Units Minutes To Any Other Operator Or Landline
*600*40# *600*20# To Subscribe


  • Price per minute, message or megabyte after consuming the bundle is 14 PT.
  • The customer can renew the original bundle before the renewal date. For bundle renewal dial *600*2# 
  • Unused units are automatically transferred to the following month to ensure maximum benefit from the package without any additional charges in case of renewal on time
  • In case the customer does not have enough credit to renew the package, the prices are 14 PT per minute and megabyte until the renewal
  • To subscribe to mobile internet packages please dial the following code *999# 
  • For more info call 111 or use our online chat

Enjoy Using All Your Credit

Enjoy Using All Your Credit

Pay only the card price and get 30% of the card value as additional points you can use in making calls to all networks or using the Internet.


Extra Point* Credit Price Card Value
100 7 10 10
150 10 15 15
250 17.5 25 25
500 35 50 50
1000 70 100 100

* This offer is valid for a limited time – the points are valid for 30 days from the recharge date. 


Extra points to be used as follows: one minute, one SMS to Telecom Egypt network or one mbps internet for one point while one minute or one SMS to other network for five points.