Double the bundle or 50% Discount on Control and Nitro
El Abtal Promo

Double the bundle or 50% discount on Control and Nitro

A special promotion for our special needs heroes, you can choose whether to get 50% price discount or double the bundle on Control Plans (KIX or Tazbeet) and Nitro Mobile internet packages as well for life.

Terms and Conditions: 

  • The offer is a life-time offer and you must renew on time to keep it. 
  • Promotion will automatically be renewed every 30 days in case of sufficient balance 
  • In case KIX – Tazbeet main plan becomes suspended, Nitro promotion will not be availed 
  • You can only enjoy one prepaid offer and one Nitro offer based on your preferences.
  • The heroes offer can be activated only in WE stores after providing the needed documents (Special needs documents + National ID number). 
  • No carry-over for the extra quota resources for both control & nitro.
  • Both control and nitro resources can’t be transferred.
  • Customers can’t enjoy any promo along-with heroes offer.
  • Kix – Tazbeet – Nitro will follow the same current charging rules.
  • There is no acquisition promo for those lines (3 months double the bundle). 
  • In case customer subscribes to another offer, he won’t be able to enjoy hero’s promo anymore.
  • Line will be migrated to regular tariff in case of a change of ownership occurred. 
  • Late renewals either control & nitro will be migrated to a normal tariff and won’t be able to enjoy hero’s promo.
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