WE Air 4G+

Now, you can enjoy WE Air 4G+, the 4G fixed Router is your choice for connectivity with the highest value for bundles in the market.

WE Air 4G 150

40,000 MBs

150 EGP/Month

WE Air 4G 250

90,000 MBs

250 EGP/Month

WE Air 4G 400

150,000 MBs

400 EGP/Month

WE Air 4G 650

250,000 MBs

650 EGP/Month

Extra Quotas

  • There are 4 on-demand packages to be added when needed.
  • Packages are not automatically renewed. 
  • You can subscribe to any of these packages through MY WE mobile application or by dialing *979#
Package Name Price Quota (Megabytes)
WE Air 4G Add-On 15 15 1,250 MBs
WE Air 4G Add-On 45 45 5,000 MBs
WE Air 4G Add-On 75 75 10,000 MBs
WE Air 4G Add-On 100 100 12,500 MBs
  • Add-on packages are valid for 30 days
  • Prices Excluding Taxes
  1. What is WE Air 4G?
    • WE Air is a 4G fixed Router available for connectivity in whichever location you prefer without any pre-installation needed. 
    • WE Air is locked on WE data sim only 
  2. How much is the  WE  Air?
    • 999 LE (Taxes Inclusive)
  3. How will I be charged for quota consumption?
    • You will be charged with 1MB for every 1MB quota consumption across all websites all day long
  4. Are there on-peak or off-peak times?
    • The consumption will be the same all day long
  5. What can I do if the main bundle finishes before the renewal?
    • You can do any of the following options:
      • Early Renew of the main bundle
      • Purchase an add-on
      • Upgrade to a higher bundle
  6. How can I check my Data usage?
    • To check your data usage, you can use MY WE App .
    • You will also receive notifications upon consumption at 50%, 80% and 100% at Router dashboard
  7. Can I change the preset locations?
    • You can change the locations you set when you purchased WE Air but this can only be done through the dedicated stores or through call center.
  8. What will happen if I use WE Air in another location?
    • If the location you moved to is not registered, then the service will throttle.
  9. What happens if I finish my quota?
    • The speed will throttle till the bundle is renewed.