WE Air 4G+

Now, you can enjoy WE Air 4G+, the 4G fixed Router is your choice for connectivity with the highest value for bundles in the market.

WE Air 4G 150

40,000 MBs

150 EGP/Month

WE Air 4G 250

90,000 MBs

250 EGP/Month

WE Air 4G 400

150,000 MBs

400 EGP/Month

WE Air 4G 650

250,000 MBs

650 EGP/Month

Extra Quotas

  • There are 4 on-demand packages to be added when needed.
  • Packages are not automatically renewed. 
  • You can subscribe to any of these packages through MY WE mobile application or by dialing *979#
Package Name Price Quota (Megabytes)
WE Air 4G Add-On 15 15 1,250 MBs
WE Air 4G Add-On 45 45 5,000 MBs
WE Air 4G Add-On 75 75 10,000 MBs
WE Air 4G Add-On 100 100 12,500 MBs
  • Add-on packages are valid for 30 days
  • Prices Excluding Taxes
  1. What is WE Air 4G+ service?
    • WE Air is a 4G+ fixed Router available for connectivity in the location you prefer (based on location eligibility) without any pre-installation needed.
    • WE Air is locked on WE network and data sim only
    • WE Air 150 and WE Air 250 packages, can be used in one place, and WE Air 400 and WE Air 650 packages can be used in two places (not simultaneously).
  2. How much is the device?
    • EGP 999 tax including taxes
  3. What are the specifications of the device?
    • Device type - Huawei B315s- 608
    • Maximum speed is 150 Mbps
    • Can connect up to 32 devices simultaneously
  4. Do the packages renew automatically or on-demand?
    • Main packages (150, 250, 400 & 660) renew every 30 days automatically if you have sufficient balance
    • You can subscribe to any of the Add-ons when needed (there is no maximum limit to subscribe to add-ons)
  5. What are the required documents to purchase the device/data line?
    • The same documents you need to purchase any device or data line from WE
  6. How can the location of the service be determined?
    • Check the location availability by Clicking Here
    • Visit one of our branches
    • Call 111 for support
  7. Can I install the device in another location than the one I registered with?
    • No, it has to be used in the locations already registered on the system. In case installed in another location, the service will not be working.
  8. What is the consumption criteria?
    • 1MB for every 1MB you use.
  9. How to renew the package?
    • The main package is renewed every month if there is enough balance
  10. What happens when the package is fully consumed?
    • You can choose any of the following through My WE mobile app
    • Early-renew the package
    • Change to another package
    • Subscribe to any add-on
  11. Will the remaining MBs be carried over to the next month?
    • Carry-over is available for the main packages only upon on-time renewal
  12. What is the validity of the Add-ons?
    • The package is valid for 30 days from the subscription date and it’s not automatically renewable
  13. What will happen if there is no sufficient balance?
    • Package will be suspended until there is sufficient balance to renew
  14. How can I know all my consumption details?
    • You can control your package through MY WE app, the router's home page, or by dialing *979 # when using the sim in a mobile device
    • Call 111 from any WE number or 0155 5000111 from any other number.
  15. Can the device be returned?
    • Terms and conditions apply
  16. Can an existing data customer subscribe to this service?
    • No, a new data line must be purchased with any of its packages
  17. How can I use MY WE app to manage my package?
    • Download the My WE mobile app from the app store
    • Register with mobile number of the data sim
    • The activation code can be received on the router's main page or on your mobile device
    • After activation, you can manage your account (charging, renewing packages, add-ons, consumption ... etc.)