Help Homeless Children
  • According to the Ministry of Social Solidarity, homeless children reaches 16,000 child which is considered an extreme danger for themselves and for the community as well. TE data cooperates with the ministry to protect and integrate homeless street children to enhance their life and secure a better future for them. The initiative aims to protect and integrate homeless children in the community through providing them with technical skills to keep pace with the technological development through upgrading their skills and information, the company offers 20 technical workshops in 5 governorates (Cairo – Alexandria – Giza – Minya – AlSharqia). The initiative also covers the psychological and behavioral development of street children through providing them with “kym wa Hayah” program, the program is designed to improve child's behavior and develop positive communication; Moreover, the company provides street children with awareness sessions to raise their awareness on virus C and how to protect themselves fromthis virus.