Asset Master

Asset Master

 Asset master helps businesses to control and track different type of fixed assets.



  • Track the movement of assets
  • Follow-up on assets disposal
  • Manage depreciation


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Book Master


BookMaster is one of the leading integrated bilingual library management systems since the 80’s in the Middle East.

Designed by a distinct group of library instructors, BookMaster enables you to manage the whole life cycle of your library through rich and comprehensive

library management functions.  BookMaster has been serving reputable libraries in the Middle East region and they are all different in terms of library content size, public, academic, university, school, company and governmental institution libraries.



Cataloguing and Indexing

Build and update the bibliographical database of your library, and manage traditional & non-traditional collection of your library based on the Anglo-

American Cataloguing Rules (AACR).

Authority Lists

Build and maintain all types of Authority Lists. Authority Lists include Subject List and Authors

Listed Publishers List.



Offers bilingual bibliographic and full text search capabilities by handling all of the Arabic language peculiarities. It is built to support all bibliographical databases search techniques such as Fields

Defined search, free search, and Multistep search. Logical factors are applied either to minimize or to maximize the search span. Search Master lets you select the section of database where to apply the search strategy. Search results could be filtered and/or sorted using different strategies.


Attached Digitized Documents

Are linked to their bibliographical data in a way to be displayed on all type of workstations. The attached digitized documents could be of any extension which means that textual images, photographs, audios and videos could constitute part or all of the documents.


MARC Exchange

Automatic exchange of bibliographical records through library networks based on the international MARC Exchange rules. The exchange can occur both ways (Export/Import).



Allows you to search within the bibliographical records of all libraries that are compatible with the Z39.50 standards. Then the search result could be imported to the BookMaster Database through the MARC Import functions.



BookMaster provides all the functions that lead to the acquisition management including all acquisition methods such as Purchasing, Exchanging, Depositing, and more.


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Career Pro

Career Pro

Career Pro is an optimum personnel and payroll management system solution Career Pro assists you to manage the human resources aspects of each staff member within your work force from the date of hiring until retirement.


 Personnel Management

The personnel management module provides you with synchronized functions to organize the profile of each of your employees.


 Payroll Management

The Payroll management module enables you to automatically calculate each of your employees’ salaries and benefits .


Automated Attendance

Automated attendance for employees is compatible with finger print attendance machines.


Self Service

Self service module allows employees to apply for any type of leave of absence using their self-service online portal or by simply using the smart phone mobile interface from anywhere.


Integration with GPS track force

Career Pro provides integration with mobile interface to track your workforce using the following functions:

  • Mapping of employees’ location.
  • Messaging triggered by arrival and departure from certain locations.
  • Reporting by generating daily, weekly and monthly location and time reports.


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Cloud Managed LAN

Cloud Managed LAN provides centralized management, visibility, and control without the cost and complexity of controller appliances or overlay management software.

Now with WE Cloud Managed LAN, you can minimize your operations hassle, no more command lines configuration, and support.

With WE Cloud Managed LAN no more field engineer on site needed, all your network are managed remotely with only one click to configure and manage the whole site.


WE Cloud Managed LAN Portfolio:

Ethernet Switches

Wireless LAN

Security Appliances


Mobile Device Management

Security Cameras


Ethernet Switches

Wireless LAN

Security Appliances


Mobile Device Management

Security Cameras



  1. Centralized Management
  2. Secure out-of-band management
  3. Reliable
  4. Scalable
  5. Future-proof
  6. Content filter
  7. Analytics
  8. Support


Customer benefits

This service should help SMEs in growing revenue, reducing long-term IT cost, attracting new customers, improving cash flow, maintaining profitability, and, increasingly importantly, reacting to ever-changing market conditions

  • Eliminate CPE intelligence locally
  • Hub switch CapEx efficiency
  • Upsell services without truck roll
  • Pay-as-you-grow CPE services
  • No technology obsolescence
  • Automated commissioning
  • Value added services
  • Complete easy control
  • No need for sophisticated IT department


Licensing FAQ

Q: Do I have to buy more licenses every time I buy new hardware?

A: Not necessarily. Licenses are sold separately from the hardware. For example, you can upgrade your access point from the MR16 to the MR24 without buying new licenses. The same will apply for new products that are released in the future.


Q: Do I need to have a license for every piece of Cloud Managed LAN hardware?

A: Yes, every Cloud Managed LAN hardware component requires a cloud license to be managed. If you see a warning that says 'Your organization is in excess of its device limits' on the Cloud Managed LAN Dashboard, this means that you have more devices than licenses in your organization.


Q: What happens when my license runs out?

You will no longer be able to manage your devices via the Cloud Managed LAN cloud, and your Cloud Managed LAN network devices will cease to function. This means that you will no longer be able to configure or make changes to your Cloud Managed LAN network equipment, and your Cloud Managed LAN network products will no longer allow traffic to pass to the Internet. With Systems Manager networks, you will no longer be able to enroll devices or change settings for currently enrolled devices.


Q: What will happen if the internet is down?

All the devices and traffic will be working normally, only the management will be down


Q: if I got non-Cloud Managed LAN device?

The traffic will be working fine, but you wouldn’t be able to manage it through our cloud management


Q: Does my network traffic flow through the internet

Only management data flows through the Internet cloud infrastructure. No user traffic passes through the internet


Q: how can I minimize my IT?

  1. Very useful user interface, No Command Line anymore
  2. You can manage from anywhere.
  3. If you need device replacement, no need to go to the site to change its autoconfigured.


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Eye Watch

Connect any camera and watch from anywhere on computer, smartphone or tablet.

With Eye watch video surveillance service you can access your cameras whether it’s at a single or multiple locations, without any number of cameras restriction and archive records on our Data Center in a safe cloud storage with the possibility to retrieve it via a computer, smartphone or a tablet, with the possibility of monitoring your camera that alerts you when your camera goes offline or detects motion.


Features & benefits:

  • Compatibility
  •  An expensive IP camera or a CCTV? A simple webcam? We support all of them, we can provide you with a camera, or you bring in your favorite camera model

  • You have an old CCTV system, we support you to migrate to our system, no need to buy new cameras.


  • Security
  •  Always the Top of our priority. All data, video feeds, are encrypted.


  • Give access to other users
  •  Multiple employees? you need multiple access for, we can support of providing your of multiple accounts.


  • Archive cloud storage
  • Store your feeds archived on a local machine or play it safe and keep it in our cloud.
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Eye Watch Plus

Keep an Eye on your business from anywhere using any device

Eye Watch Plus is a tailored solution to help you monitor your small/medium business, we provide the ADSL and the Cameras, (get connected and you are live) just connect the cameras and you are Live!


  • Features & Benefits
  • - No need to make extra configuration or set a static IP, It is a plug and play Solution
  • - Compatibility
  • View Live on iPhone, iPad or Android with Mydlink application with no need to configure Static IP
  • - Recording on SD Card or Locally on PC (Based on Model)
  • - Trigger Recording and Email Alerts
  • - Automatic Day/Night vision
  • - TE data grants a dedicated line 24/7 Technical Support to our Eye watch Plus Bundle customers.
  • - Bundle varieties :-



ADSL 1 Mbps
D-Link 5020
Indoor Camera
ADSL 2 Mbps
2x D-Link 5020
Indoor Cameras
ADSL 2 Mbps
D-Link 5020 Indoor & D-Link 7010
Outdoor Cameras
ADSL 4 Mbps
D-Link 5020 Indoor & D-Link 7010
Outdoor Cameras


* Additional Cameras are available only for Bundle 4


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Hosted Call Center HCC

Hosted Call Center

Customers benefit by having a leading-edge call center functionality by outsourcing their call center activities to Telecom Egypt. Telecom Egypt offers this outsourcing activity  starting from three seats, at competitive prices.



  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

This service distributes incoming telephone calls to a specific group of people (agents) responsible for answering those inbound telephone calls.

  • Reporting & Monitoring

Extensive monitoring and reporting facilities assist call center supervisors and management with structuring the service for optimal call handling and improved customer relationship.

  • Recording

Conversations with callers can be stored, allowing supervisors to review when convenient to determine where improvements to call handling procedures can be made.

  • Contact Center Express

Enhance customer interactions through a management solution that routes, tracks, and reports on electronic inquiries from the enterprise's website.

  • IVR

Hardware or software based IVR systems direct incoming calls to relevant agents or departments.

  • Supervisor control

Supervisors can listen-in to and monitor live inbound/outbound calls from any location by phone, allowing immediate adjustments to agent call handling, by entering the agent's ID via the keypad.

  • Trunks

Incoming and outgoing channels between company and the public telephone network.

  • Voice Mail

This service allows the subscriber to use the automatic answering service to enable the calling party to leave a message to the called party if he/she is absent or his/her line is busy (as per his request)

  • Service Observe

It allows supervisors to listen only to calls handled by agents & cannot be heard by parties on the call.


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Managed DDOS Protection

Managed DDOS Protection

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection system protects  you  from DDoS attacks,  one of the most serious threats facing companies on the Internet and that are typically launched by compromised PCs controlled by remote attackers DDoS can wipe out web presence for months with incalculable financial costs and damage to your  business  reputation.


 Features & benefits:

 Proactively detects and mitigates DDoS attacks.

  • Real-time network analysis, visibility, and historical reporting.
  • Internal Network customized protection Continues active threat feed to ensure an always up-to-date detection.
  • Customized reporting capability.



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Managed Firewall

Managed Firewall

     Managed Firewall services protect your network and your clients from unauthorized or malicious internet traffic.




 Fully Managed Service

 Engineers supporting and monitoring your firewall 24/7/365

 Market Leading Provider

 Telecom Egypt and Fortinet have a proven successful partnership record

 Comprehensive Range of Firewalls

 A range of devices that  meet customers’ needs and sizes

 VPN services

 Securely connecting offices and remote users using IPSEC and SSL technology

 Unified Threat Management

 Anti-virus, Anti-spam and Web Filtering services to further protect customers network and increase productivity 

 Service and Support from TE

 Updates and vulnerabilities are instantly monitored and applied





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Meet Me

Meet Me

“Meet Me” is a voice conferencing service that can be used instantly and securely to allow enterprise customers to conduct virtual meetings between their clients/customers/staff both locally and internationally without any cost on equipment or devices, but rather a minute call setup.


  • 20 callers per single audio conference.
  • Ability to schedule conferences and automatically include conference access details in a meeting invitation sent from outlook calendar.
  • Meetings Recording Facility & online playback through security authentication.
  • Auto announcement notification to all participants about conference recordings.
  • Extension of meeting time: you as a chairman shall be able to extend the meeting, if necessary.
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Smarter Email

Smarter Email

Smart e-mail service delivers exchange-level email server software and instant messaging with superior stability

Features & benefits:

  •  Accessing email or chats from anywhere, at any time, using a standard Web browser
  • Instant communication
  •  Work at your desk or on-the-go with complete collaboration and synchronization
  • Industry-standard ant spam & antivirus ensures mail server security around the clock
  • Easily migrate from any mail service  Preserve your email and chat history with full archiving
  • Web mail for all your email communications
  • Link tasks to emails for greater efficiency and better organization
  • Unified Email and Collaboration Server
  • Full contact management, including attachment, meeting and email history
  • Support for the latest and greatest devices and applications Complete Mobile Communication


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