Improving Health

Improving health services in Egypt is among the main pillars of Telecom Egypt Corporate Social Responsibility programs. Telecom Egypt is working on a variety of initiatives to improve Egyptians’ health to increase productivity and secure inclusive economic growth for all Egyptians.

  • Less than 1% of the Egyptian population donates blood, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), which recommends that 3% of a country’s population donate blood in order to maintain an adequate supply. Out of TE commitment to the community, the company regularly organizes blood donation campaigns to raise awareness on the life-saving importance of donating blood and help collect the largest possible number of blood bags to fulfill hospital and medical institutions’ daily needs in Egypt. The company has also donated a number of blood donation vehicles to Kasr El Aini Hospital for use throughout the country. TE will launch “HOPE Application”. HOPE is a mobile application which shares blood donation requests and communicate with blood donors. Hope’s objective is to raise awareness on the culture of blood donation and help to share blood requests to collect the largest possible number of blood bags. For non-smart phone users “HOPE Kiosk” will be located in public hospitals. The kiosk will provide them with the same features of the main application while HOPE SMS gateway is another technology usage that enable to instantly contact with the blood donors or ask for the blood donation.
  • TE/TE Data is the technological partner to Children's Cancer Hospital 57357 - one of the largest hospitals specializing in pediatric cancer across the world- the company provides the hospital with technical support in order to enable the hospital do carry out its activities more smoothly through the following services: Providing fiber connectivity to Cairo and Tanta premises Hosting disaster recovery for the hospital’s data center Providing WiFi connectivity in the hospital public area Bearing the price of calls made to the hospital on its 19057 line under the slogan «Ashan Weldna Ahan Baldna». This contribution comes in the framework of TE/TE Data keenness to continuously support Children's Cancer Hospital 57357 by developing communication and Internet services and providing technical support. TE/TE Data holds fun days for children distributing gifts and organizing fun activities with the engagement of the company employees in an attempt to draw a smile on the children faces
  • TE/TE Data supports the Hematology Oncology Unit for Children which treats young people suffering from childhood leukemia (Thalassemia and Hemophilia Immune Deficiency). It’s worth mentioning that cure rates are up to 70%- 80%, and Telecom Egypt will continue to support the unit to achieve highest possible cure rates.
  • The prevalence of Virus C in Egypt represents one of the country’s main health crises, as Egypt is # 1 worldwide in terms of its number of Virus C patients according to the Ministry of Health and Population. HCV continues to infect at least 150,000 new patients every year while there is currently no vaccine for this virus.